Tonight I showered you

Tonight you needed to shower. Your nurse hadn’t come this morning and you needed to shower.

I got you undressed and left you to shower on your own.

Usually you can and it is fine, a few minutes later you were back in your room getting dressed.

I told you to stop, I could of been gentler. I took your hand and got you in the shower.

I got the shower puff and put soap on it. You stood under the water as I washed your front and back.

You leant forward and wet your hair, I added shampoo and massaged your head.

You rinsed the shampoo out, and I added conditioner.

When I said turn, you turned.

You were capable of having a shower, but just needed a bit of extra help.

I turned the water off and gave you your towel. It made me smile because I remember this scene from when I was young. I remember you doing this then wrapping me in a towel.

How did this happen to us?

You got out of the shower and I left you to get dressed.

Later that night, I lay with my head on a pillow in your lap while you brushed my hair.

I remember this scene.

KB x


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