Monthly Archives: July 2016


I’ve been going through some stuff, some psychological challenges, physical challenges, realisations and realities and have allowed life to get on top.  It isn’t all bad, I have recently launched a new charity, a new business with a friend, and a new business importing crystals to NZ.  I am at uni studying counseling and feeling […]

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The battle of Anger and Guilt

Anger floods me, it steals my breath and breaks my heart all in one foul swoop. Angry about so many things, the world, martha’s illness, martha, situations with friends, for friends, family, everything.  I feel suffocated by the world, by it’s problems, and yet life feels good.  Business ventures, relationships, lifestyle, it all feels good, […]

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Mama, I miss you..

It has been a long time since I put fingers to keyboard in an attempt to write a blog post. It has felt as if I have gone through a war, an emotional war, both sides of my brain at war with my heart. Processing emotions is hard, I don’t know if it is hard […]

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