Monthly Archives: May 2015


One year ago I made my first post. I had been contemplating starting a blog and then I did. In that year since, I have posted 32 blogs, made a bunch of new friends and lived several lives all in just a short 52 weeks. I have dragged Martha over the countryside, across seas and […]

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Roundabouts and rollercoasters

She hates you. A phrase I have heard before and thought many times myself. I remember screaming it at my parents when I was young, probably more times than I would like to remember. Over petty things like not being able to go out, not being given the money I wanted, not being given what […]

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We danced

Tonight I spied on you as you sang at the top of your lungs to Rod Stewart. You had turned the lights out and watched as Rod Stewart played piano and sung on stage across the screen. You swayed your hips like you were there in the crowd and it reminded me of your 50th […]

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