We danced


Tonight I spied on you as you sang at the top of your lungs to Rod Stewart. You had turned the lights out and watched as Rod Stewart played piano and sung on stage across the screen.

You swayed your hips like you were there in the crowd and it reminded me of your 50th birthday when we danced in the neighbors garage to your brothers records and laughed the whole night. I was young, only 13 and I never knew that there would be a day when I would cling to that memory like it was the last thing on earth.

I came in to join you and we danced. Holding hands as you swirled under my arm and we moved to Rod Stewarts cover of Have I told you lately that I loved you.. You sung and bent your head back as you did letting the words flow from your mouth.  You knew every single word and you moved in time to those words. It felt as though I had skipped back in time to when I was 13, surrounded by family and friends, holding your hand and dancing with you. You didn’t miss a beat and I thought my face was going to crack from how wide my smile was.

The song ended and you needed a rest. Off to bed, tucked in, I sat on your bed and held your hand.

Love you, Mum

You replied, I love you very much..


(Have I told you lately that I love youhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQ4NAZPi2js )

3 Comments on “We danced”

  1. Tears of joy and happiness roll down my face as I visualise mumma singing and dancing to Rod a Stewart oh God thank you for these treasured moments 💜❤️💜Kyrin you are a great writer I love reading your blogs you should consider writing a book about you and mumma to support whanau who have a whanau member who is an Alzheimer sufferer. Thank you for sharing your gem moments, I could see Mumma’s face and your biggest smile with yous holding hands and dancing enjoying that moment in time . Love you Mumma and love you too Kyrin 💜❤️💜❤️💜

    • Kia Ora Kyrin,
      How so beautiful to have read your post this morning. Showers of blessing to hear of a breath taking moment captured between yourself & your beloved. Look forward to hearing more wonderful times with your mum.


  2. Hi Sweetheart, wow…what a night aye….so happy that you were able to dance with Martha again and enjoy the moment for its essence….well done to you…big hugs and kisses to you both…..lots n lots of hugs and kisses for big cousin…xxx

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