My Martha Tips (because I really do love a good list…)

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I have spent the past few weeks in particular getting to know what makes Martha crazy. What brings on the hallucinations/delusions, what upsets and what calms her.. For each individual sufferer of alzheimers it will be different, they will have their own triggers.  Martha and I usually get a break when Martha heads off to program and we go out separate ways for the day but at this time of year we don’t get that luxury.  As I carer I am 100% responsible for her wellbeing and my own – and that is a really hard task!

Here are a couple of tips about what triggers Martha and things to think about – my hope is that for just one person these come in handy! Plus I love a good list!

1. Keep outside noise to a low, roadworks, traffic noise, general noisiness are a big trigger for Martha. She loses herself in the noise and her hallucinations start shouting at her.  She is best left with minimal noise or music she enjoys.  In the past when there has been a lot of disruptive noise I have given her headphones so she can enjoy some music.

2. Find music that your alzheimers person LOVES! For Martha anything from the late 50’s to early 60’s is her jam! I seldom have to change the song as she is happy to listen to just one song on repeat!

3. I don’t know what it is, but Martha has a bad reaction when she has too much seafood.  A little is ok, but once she starts consuming a lot her brain starts to function a lot different.  Possibly the salt? In any case, I will be watching her seafood intake..

4. Same goes for SUGAR! Sugar and Mum are like a flame to dynamite. She LOVES sugar but it does not love her back.  Like most sugar intake it needs to be in moderation. Also like any person sugar makes you hypo, for someone wit alzheimers their brain cannot process this and it is all down all from there..

5. Be kind to yourself. It is a hard time of year and I wish I was better prepared. The other night I felt myself slipping into a really negative thought pattern.  It took two days to bring myself out of it.  What I had to keep thinking was, I am doing the best that I possibly can right now.  Whilst sometimes I feel trapped in this situation I have so much love for Martha that I cannot see it any other way. So, I must remind myself to be kind..

Merry Christmas!


KB and Martha x

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“If you resist it, it’ll be cruel to you, if you let it in, it’ll be magic!”

2 Comments on “My Martha Tips (because I really do love a good list…)”

  1. To KB and Martha, thank you so much your acknowledgement, understanding,and tips. You are an angel in disguise as a mere mortal. Martha is a very lucky lady to have someone so special to help her thru her years. I understand your isolation sometimes it is a very hard job. 24/7 but please reach out, there are people to help, respite is 28 days a year, to any caregiver. Ask, can use spread over the year but doesnt accumulate. Please look after yourself KB, have someone to moan to. massage, sleep,what ever you deserve to be your happy caring angel self. Thank you, good work, love and light to you both

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