My Martha Tips (because I really do love a good list…)

I have spent the past few weeks in particular getting to know what makes Martha crazy. What brings on the hallucinations/delusions, what upsets and what calms her.. For each individual sufferer of alzheimers it will be different, they will have their own triggers.  Martha and I usually get a break when Martha heads off to […]

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Losing yourself

I sat in the car and watched Mum push the trolley to its bay, she turned and started to walk back towards me. She turned without hesitation and I watched her closely.  It was about twenty steps and she had taken at least ten.  A car was pulling out and she stopped, if she hadn’t […]

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The merge…

We just moved in with friends. Good friends. Great friends. Angels on this earth; and I feel like I am suffocating.  I pray, I hope that this will pass quickly. It’s an interesting thing merging lives together, I was content when I lived in Christchurch, a familiar supportive crew that did their own thing, supported […]

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