One day you will become the embodiment of atua wāhine.
It will be in the surrender that she makes her home in you.
One day she will arrive and settle in your soul,
early on you will go to war with her;
How dare she come into your house!
Most days you will not even know she calls you home.
She will wear your skin with such familiarity,
and yet you will feel so foreign.

Somedays she will leave you be,
At first you will enjoy the reclaiming of your home, but
after a while you will feel lost without her,
you will sing her name in your tears…

One day she will whisper “I love you”
Her love will flow from you
as powerful as pele creates new land.
Her love, becomes your love and
will reach everyone and everything… and then
one day Hine-nui-te-pō will call her home, and
you will journey with her to the depths once more.
Returning to a place you’ve always known.

From a lifetime ago xx

2 Comments on “Hine”

  1. Your writing is amazing Kyrin and lovely photo of Martha. We have seen a more recent one of Martha with our beautiful Prime Minister.
    Love Peter and Clare

    • Thank you! Hope you are both well and keeping safe in isolation. I know if Dad was here he would be going a bit stir-crazy right now not being able to play golf!

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