When the Universe speaks, you listen

I experienced my first ‘real life’ connection to the Universe a few years ago, I still remember it as if it was yesterday and can still bring about those feelings when I think back to the time. It was insane. It still makes me get shivers and it lead me down a path of no return. I was shown on that night the true purpose of my life, and whilst I can’t articulate that purpose to you, it resides deep within me. In that moment it felt as if my life was so minuscule and expansive that not a single thing could contain it. For the first time in my existence I knew and understood that I was part of the universe, and that the universe was part of me. For the few following days I continued to be connected to the universe, I saw my ancestors, I sat with them, ate with them, and bathed in the waters with them, I learnt from them and took their offerings. I saw my life lay bare in front of me, showing me its realness.

I have not had the connection for a long time, I have sought it time and time again. Searching under rocks, in sand, through puddles and oceans. I have sat deeply in search of it, I have had it blow through me but never stick, I have written and regurgitated it. I have sniffed it, tasted it, teased it but not once have I been able to hold it firmly in my hands.

I know that it is there, waiting for me to hold it once more. I can speak fluently about it, as if I was connected to its language, I can talk on it, tell you what it tastes like, smells like, feels like and yet I have not been able to conjure it up again.

Until tonight. I attended an event, it was a great event, derived of connection, but it was by no means a place where I thought the the universe would sit. It was held in a building, 50 or so people contained within walls, weak walls that meant you could hear the clanking of bottles and clapping of hands of a different crowd having a different experience through its thinness. And yet, here on this hard seat, amongst strangers, I was having an experience. A true and enigmatic experience. It wasn’t until afterwards, and even until I allowed this to flow from me that I realised what it was.

I once again got to hold the Universe..

I stood in a room of greatness, of Men and Women who are great. I listened to speakers who were experts in their fields, I listened with the ears of a new learner, I absorbed, reflected, deflected what was being said. I mixed, I hugged, I connected, I praised. And as I hurried away, needing to retreat to my reality I realised… I stood in a room of greatness, because I am greatness. I stood with the Queens and Kings of my realm and experienced a universal download in which I listened and heard the universe, in all its infinite wisdom say to me.. you are great..

And I realised again, that if you truly listen, if you truly look, you will see that the universe is speaking to you, that your God is speaking to you, that the blood that flows through you is speaking to you, and that none of these things want for you to struggle, none of those things want for you to suffer, the true want of the universe, the true want of your God, the true want of your blood, is for you to sit in your greatness and experience yourself as the Universe, to sit in your service, to sit in your purpose and to truly know that you are part of the Universe, and the Universe is part of you.

This might just sound like the ramblings of a mad woman who hasn’t had enough sleep, but for me right now, this experience is fuelling me, to continue seeking connection, to continue seeking life and to continue listening to the Universe.

Thank you, Universe.

K x

“If you resist it, it’ll be cruel to you, if you let it in, it’ll be magic..”

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