Bloc Cafe

Welcome to the Bloc Cafe. This is one of my fave places to visit with Martha and gets the tui of approval for being Dementia Friendly, so let’s talk a bit more about it.

20 Normanby Road, Mt Eden, Auckland, Level 2.
Monday – Friday 730am – 3pm
Saturday + Sunday 9am – 3pm
09 630 0102
Instagram: Bloc Cafe

Best time to go: I would recommend heading there earlier in the week as the weekends can get pretty busy, but even if you do get there on the weekend I find there is always a table or 2 spare.

Location: In the back streets of Mt Eden moments from Maungawhau itself sits Bloc, a beautiful multi-storied building housing some of NZ most beautiful brands, and evidently Bloc Cafe. Easy to find, easy to access, off the main road.

Parking: The parking is great here, if you go on the right day. There is parking off Enfield Street, its Level 2 of the building and there is maybe a dozen parks inside. This will take you directly to the cafe, no stairs or anything like that to navigate. Even if there isn’t a park immediately it isn’t a long wait until one comes available. There is also parking on Level 3, a few less parks and obviously you are on Level 3. But, if you need to park here and stairs aren’t something you and your loved one can navigate then thankfully there is a lift. When you enter level 3 it is to the right of those doors, you can also ask the friendly staff at BoConcept to point you in the right direction. Other than that you can find parking on the street, but more often than not Level 2 is where it is at, they have a mobility parking space as well.

Access: If you have parked on Level 2 parking then the access is so easy, big double doors to go through and the cafe is on your left. It is a very easy space to navigate.

Layout, atmosphere, seating: These are all great. They have a really nice layout and there isn’t so many tables that you are crammed in and can’t move. Because it is part of a complex it can get a bit noisy with lots of people moving between the 3 levels, however, Bloc Cafe have a beautiful space behind the counter area with half a dozen tables and a beautiful view. The music is never overpowering and you are seated far enough away from people that you don’t feel like you are part of their conversation. It has a very clean, and minimalistic look.

Tables and chairs: There is a combination of bar stool type tables and chairs, and dining style table and chairs. The tables are comfortable, and the chairs are really easy to sit in and move around. Martha often has trouble moving her chair in, these chairs are really easy to manoeuvre and get her in and around so she is close enough to the table.

Menu: I cannot say enough good things about the menu here. They have a “build your own breakfast” menu and honestly, I wish more places did this. I can order just scrambled eggs by itself and that is perfect for Martha, they also have a really delicious selection of other menu items, and cabinet items. My go-to order is 2 poached eggs on cornbread with a side of either mushrooms/halloumi/bacon, and on a great day all 3. They have delicious banana bread, ginger loaf and these AMAZING homemade marshmallows, 50c with a hot drink or $1 without. I find that Bloc Cafe is extremely affordable and has something for everyone.

Bathrooms: The bathroom is located on level 1 of Bloc so you will need to take the elevator or stairs to access the bathroom, but if you take the elevator then you end up right outside the bathrooms so it is very convenient. The elevator is towards Enfield street, so not far from where you are sitting at the Cafe. The bathrooms are beautiful and fitting for Bloc, and they are decent sized. You can certainly fit two people in them, a wheelchair or walker if needed. The bathroom, if you take the stairs is towards the back of level 1, behind Father Rabbit.

People: The owners here are the loveliest people, and they staff are always friendly and helpful. They always have a big smile for Martha and ask her how she is. I really appreciate when people engage with her in that way. The other patrons are not in our demographic, but we have never had any issues, comments or concerns.

Shops (a bonus): There are many beautiful shops here including Father Rabbit, Alex & Corban and Citta, if you feel like a browse and a little retail therapy. Everything here is carefully curated and there is lots of space to move around in, I never feel like I can’t move around in the space.

I hope this is helpful, and if you ever want to meet for a coffee/meal/talk lets head to Bloc Cafe!

Much love,

Kyrin + Martha xx

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