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The dance of exhaustion..

At the end of two weeks of full on work, I can say with conviction I AM EXHAUSTED.  More than that I am near breaking point.  My head is constantly filled with what I need to do, what I haven’t done and what I have been doing.  I have slipped into seriously bad habits of eating […]

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As defined by Oxford dictionary; Hope – Grounds for believing that something good may happen.. Alzheimers in its cruelty is not a disease that gives you much hope.  As a degenerative neurological disease it is designed to take every last inch of the person it has set its sights on. First it takes things like […]

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My Father passed away a year ago…

  15.02.49 – 26.06.13 “Kia ora, my name is Kyrin, I care full time for my Mum, Martha, she was diagnosed with early onset alzheimer’s 6 years ago, my Father cared for her but he passed away almost a year ago.” I have repeated this many times in the past few months, to social workers, support […]

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