A delusion to start the day…


The alarm goes off at 7:30am.

“Mum it’s time to get up.”

She leans up, surprised.

“Did you know about those people that were being mean to me, that was Peter and Clare they rung me.  They are very upset and telling those peoples the truth.  Those people were saying I’m a bad person, but Peter and Clare are telling them I’m not.  Did you know about that?”

“Yes mum, now it’s time to get up”

“That was Peter and Clare that just rung, they are very upset and telling those people I’m a good person”

“I know Mum, it’s ok, now it’s time to get up”

“Peter and Clare called me, they are very upset.  There are some bad people saying mean things about me.”

“I know Mum; it’s ok.  Now get up”

 “I just spoke with Peter and Clare…”

“I know Mum, now please get up, we are going to be late”

“Will you talk with Peter and Clare and make sure they are ok?”

“Of course Mum, now it’s time to get up. Come on”

It’s 830am.  I hold her hand and tell her I love her; I get her clothes and lay them out.  I pull back the blankets and help her sit up.  We both hate this monster in her head.  But we have each other and a lot of good people in our lives, and that is all that matters.

Love Kyrin x

If you resist it, it’ll be cruel to you, if you let it in, it’ll be magic!


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