Losing yourself

I sat in the car and watched Mum push the trolley to its bay, she turned and started to walk back towards me. She turned without hesitation and I watched her closely.  It was about twenty steps and she had taken at least ten.  A car was pulling out and she stopped, if she hadn’t […]

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The merge…

We just moved in with friends. Good friends. Great friends. Angels on this earth; and I feel like I am suffocating.  I pray, I hope that this will pass quickly. It’s an interesting thing merging lives together, I was content when I lived in Christchurch, a familiar supportive crew that did their own thing, supported […]

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The nature of the beast..

I have to believe that for every dark night, there is a brighter day… Following moments of happiness last night we delved into moments of true sadness and desperation this morning. Martha has spent the last twelve hours angry, agitated, frustrated..  Telling me how much of a stupid fucking bitch I am. One of the […]

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